Teacher and Practitioner

Vicki Wood is a teacher of t'ai chi ch'uan and qi gong and a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). She has been involved with Eastern medicine since 1970.

She received intensive training in Buddhist meditation in India where she lived for 2 years (1970-1972) after completing an honours degree in psychology at University College, London. Since then she has returned regularly to the East to pursue her studies and interests.

Tui Na Massage
Qi Gong
Tai Chi Ch'uan
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After completing a 3-year course in TCM in the Netherlands in 1990, Vicki received diplomas for advanced training in acupuncture, tui na massage and Taoist qi gong from the China Beijing Acupuncture International Centre.

She began practising t'ai chi ch'uan in the late 1970's and is a recognised instructor of the Yang style of Grandmaster W.C.C. Chen.

Vicki studied with various qi gong teachers from different traditions during the 1980’s and 90’s and has integrated traditional qi gong teachings with a thorough background in TCM to develop her own teaching method suited to people from all backgrounds and age groups.

She had a clinic and teaching centre for TCM in the Netherlands for several years before moving to Ireland where she established the "Center" for traditional medicine and movement in Feakle in 2002. She is a member of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Council of Ireland (MTCMCI)