Your First Consultation
On your first visit, your current symptoms and general health will be discussed thoroughly and clinical information taken. A diagnosis can then be made and the appropriate treatment recommended and discussed with you. As well as acupuncture, this could include the use of moxa, “cupping” (for stagnation and pain relief), herbal medicines or tui na massage.
Tui Na Massage
Qi Gong
Tai Chi Ch'uan
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In Center clinic, only one person is seen at a time. Information given is treated confidentially. Usually the first visit takes a little more than an hour, while subsequent treatments take between 50 and 60 minutes.

A correct diagnosis is essential for successful treatment, and follows a systematic procedure. Information is collected using the “4 methods of examination”, namely, looking (e.g. tongue), listening (e.g. breathing, voice), asking (e.g. nature of pain) and feeling (e.g. pulse). These “signs and symptoms” are not seen as isolated, but as part of a greater picture. By interpreting them correctly a pattern of disease is arrived at which can then be treated.
In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a person is seen as a physical, mental-emotional, and even spiritual entity, and is diagnosed and treated as such.

Acupuncture needles are hair-fine and pointed in a way that insertion is swift and painless. The sterilized needles are made according to exacting quality control procedures. Only disposable needles are used in the clinic.